MOTs in Croydon

Our MOTs in Croydon are designed to have you back on the road as soon as possible and as safely as possible. Being an approved MOT testing centre allows our team of qualified mechanics to ensure that your car is in the best condition possible ahead of testing.
This covers the whole process from start to finish. We will prepare your vehicle prior to testing so it is in the best condition possible. We will then test your vehicle against the guidelines produced by the Department for Transport. Should it pass the test, you will be rewarded with an updated MOT certificate. Should the vehicle fail, we will provide you with a detailed analysis as to why and then offer appropriate solutions.

What do MOTs in Croydon consist of?

Our expert team carries out extensive testing and we will assess the following when carrying out MOTs in Croydon:
Vehicle Identification Number - Correct and matches the car
Registration Plate - Secure, correct colour, formatting and spacing
Lights - Good condition and working levelling
Steering and Suspension - No corrosion to rack or coils
Wipers and Washer Bottle - Working condition to improve visibility
Windscreen - No cracks or chips and that the view for the driver is good
Seatbelts and Seats - Good condition, operation and security
Fuel System and Emissions - Working piping, no leaks, meeting regulations
Bodywork - No serious damage and/or corrosion
Mirrors - Condition, function and security
Wheels and Tyres - Good condition, correct size/type and tread depth
Brakes - Efficiency tested, electrics checked as well as ABS when possible



MOTs in Croydon MOTs in Croydon

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